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Reavanti Reviews

Reviews From Our Partners, Seniors + Their Families


Bonnie Greenawalt talks about why she chose Reavanti. “Reavanti was instrumental in my husbands and my ability to complete the myriad tasks involved in our downsizing and ultimate clearing out our house entirely.. The process took 6 months. We tackled tasks when we were ready and able. Marianne and Zach were always encouraging and were sure to praise us when we made difficult decisions. Their can do positive attitude was terribly important.. Also it was clear that they cared for us—it was a job for them but not just a job. They get our highest recommendation.”


Al and Sparrow have been married 71 years, moved 25 times and owned 12 houses. They were so impressed with the way Reavanti set up their new home and how thoughtful the team was about all the details.

Reavanti Reviews

Words of Thanks

An Easy Move, Even When I Was Out Of State

"Your services facilitated an easy move for our mother whose children all live out of state. Marianne was responsive to every question and wonderful with our mother."
Karen M
(Daughter Of Client)

A BIG THANK YOU To You + Your Team

"Your Team Work made moving Joann possible. And just so you know Joann calls me everyday with a list of things she still wants in her new apartment! Words cannot express how grateful we are for all your help!"
(Family Of Client)

Definitely Would Recommend!

"I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently the Reavanti staff cleared out an entire condo. They also arranged for a cleaning staff to clean before I put it on the Market!"

Marianne Was Easy To Work With + We Were Glad To Have Her

"We hired Reavanti to help us assist with a sorting and downsizing process. We needed to quickly prepare for a large estate sale. Thank you!"
Shirley B

Very Impressed With The Care + Compassion

"I was very impressed with the care and compassion Marianne showed, and at the level of professionalism that was provided every step of the way."
Diane H

You Thought Of Every Detail

"I can’t thank you enough for all your help, expertise and guidance in assisting with my sister’s home. You thought of each detail, but were patient enough to wait for me to be ready for any changes."
(Sister Of Client)

Marianne Will Take Very Good Care Of You + Go The Extra Mile

"I have known Marianne Gariti for many years and she always is ready to help people. She always is concerned about what the customer wants and makes sure they are pleased with their service or advice from her."
Michael S.

Efficient, Timely + Caring

"Reavanti was efficient, timely, and caring. Our move would have been so much more difficult with out them!"
Janis W

People Need To Learn About You

"Yesterday would not have happened without you helping us to guide my mother out of her beloved house. "
Jill S.
(Daughter Of Client)


"Delightful Downsizing"

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